4 Essentials to Pack in Your Pet’s Bag While Boarding

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You are all set with your travel bags, your air tickets lying on the desk, and all the necessary details saved in your phone! But, when taking the pet with you is not an option, it is important to consider where you are going to leave your pet.

Now, there are some options available, like having your family member or best friend to stay with the pet or hiring a professional pet sitter. But, what if you are not comfortable having somebody to stay at your place? Thankfully, there are “boarding kennels” that pet owners can put their pets in without worrying while on vacation.

While going for a vacation brings a lot of excitement, failure to pack all the essentials can become a hassle when you are out.  Thus, proper planning and preparation is essential, and the same goes for your pet’s bag essentials for a pleasant boarding stay.

While pet boarding costs include treats, bedding, and other supplies, pet owners are often encouraged to put a few extra items to help their pets enjoy the boarding. Here is the list of essentials you should pack in your pet’s bag:

A Blanket

Naturally, your cuddly pet will miss you when you are away. While putting your pet in a boarding place can be stressful, leaving them with familiar things like a pet blanket or a T-shirt can make them feel at home. These things have your scent, and the familiarity will make your pet comfortable. Plus, these items are easy to pack as well as they are soft and comforting.

Pet Food

When it comes to pet food, most of them prefer a specific type of food, and a sudden change can spoil your pet’s day. For instance, there are dog owners who feed their dogs with particular diets, and it will be difficult to feed them something else. 

Thus, boarding kennels encourage owners to pack enough food till the time their dogs stay at the dog boarding facility. While the pet boarding facility has food supplies, packing food that your pet can happily eat will prevent any sickness.


Most boarding facilities have all kinds of toys with which pets can play, but most of them have one favorite toy. While a pet boarding is a safe place to play with other dogs, there are moments when your pet simply wants to play with his favorite toys. 

Playing with a toy that he is familiar with will keep him calm and happy. The pet boarding staff will take care of everything else to make it like a home. Thus, you must pack your pet’s most-loved toys for the trip to the boarding kennel.

Emergency Medications

Many pets take a particular medicine or supplements on a regular basis. Including these in your furry- friend doggy bag will help the boarding facility administer these as needed. Put the right number of doses that your pet would need, and written instructions with all the details like the schedule and dosage amount. 

If the medicine or supplements have to be taken with food, it will be helpful to add them to the packaged meal bags. Sometimes being around other dogs in an unfamiliar environment can provoke an existing sickness in your pet. Include emergency medications with regular ones that may be required just in case.


Make sure to take all of the necessary documents on drop off day that include vaccination charts, medical records, contracts, etc. Being a pet owner, no one could know more about him than you. Does he have certain treats that make him cheerful and happy? Or, Does your pet have a special water bowl to drink out of? Putting things like these will make your pet feel comfortable and give him a homely feel throughout the day!




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