4 Ways to Boost Customer Engagement through Text Messaging

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As a business owner, you already know that your customers are the essence of your business. Engaging with them is crucial if you want your business to reach new heights.

While many companies don’t understand the importance of engagement and pay later, successful brands understand that interacting with customers is important to know how they feel about the brand. This has never been as easy as this is now, thanks to technology!

With 5 billion people send and receive SMS messages, many businesses have seen commercial success by enlisting SMS in their marketing plan. This is because text messaging is a powerful and popular tool for businesses to reach out to their customers.

From appointment reminders to promotional messages and polls, there are plenty of ways to get your clients to engage with your brand via text.

Still looking for ways to use text messaging to engage with your customers? Here are four ways to do that:

Sales Promotion and Contests

This includes two basic principles:

First is timing– Text messages are notified immediately; taking advantage of this can help you reap higher ROI.  For instance, if you sell pizza, it is perhaps better to send a promotional push in the evening when people are about to cook dinner.

Second is segmenting– You can create engagement by grouping your customer base, according to geography, purchasing behavior, and other demographics.

Additionally, offering free stuff through contests and sweepstakes is one of the sure-fix ways to grab the attention of your existing customers and grow your opt-in list for a promotional push.

Better Customer Service

SMS is a fast and convenient way for customer service. In fact, 52% of the respondents are likely to prefer texts for customer support over other current preferred methods of communication. Texting also offers a lot of other benefits as a customer service channel:

  • Messages are sent and received instantly, which makes business text messaging convenient for customers to send one for assistance without being on hold on the phone.
  • They are wide-reaching; it allows sending and receiving a message on the go, without being dependent on any form of internet connection.
  • Texting also leaves a written record for customers of all exchanges with a brand. So, customers can efficiently pull up the details and refer to it at a later date.

Sending Appointment Reminders

Have you ever forgotten an appointment? Probably, yes! Even the most organized people can forget things from time to time. Missed appointments can be a hassle for both customers and the businesses and make them keep waiting.

  • For businesses, it can be a lost hour, mostly when high-paid staff waits around for nothing.
  • For clients, they might have to go to the hassle of rescheduling. 

This is where appointment reminders come easy to ensure clients show up and help a business go more smoothly. Researches indicate that 75% of millennial find texting is a helpful way to receive appointment reminders.

Asking for Feedback

How about sending a poll to find out what your customers feel about new products that you plan to launch in the next time? Or ask them about how they think of the experience with the brand? SMS polling is a fantastic way to engage customers and know their thoughts and opinions.

The ease of text messaging allows customers and clients to respond anywhere, anytime. These small touches through texting let customers know that you value their opinion and want them to receive the most out of their purchases!




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