5 Things Every New Puppy Parent Must Know

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Now that you are a proud owner of a sweet, little puppy, you couldn’t be more excited! This new family member is going to win your heart in a single beat. And, you’ll fall in love with your precious, adorable pooch. 

As the puppy is all yours now, it’s time to take up the role of a pet parent. And, if you are a first-time puppy parent, it’s crucial to know about some ground rules that you can’t afford to break. Besides keeping it healthy, happy, and well-fed, what else can you do to help your furball adjust to the new surroundings? Read on to know!

Puppy Teething May Create A Chaos

Puppies are newborns. Think of them like human babies who try to put everything in their mouths. Puppy teething starts when the puppy is around three months old. In order to protect your shoes, cushions, or other chewable things, buy some chew toys for your new puppy. It’s good to have a toy at all their vertical places around the house to train your pup not to chew other stuff. Make sure that the chew toys are appropriate to the age of your puppy.

Crate Training Your Puppy Is Good For Its Health

Crate training uses a dog’s natural instincts as a den animal. There are so many good reasons to crate train a puppy, housetraining being the most important one. It aims to get your puppy to a place where they can be trusted for not destroying your home when you are away. 

However, keep in mind never to use a crate as a punishment. Otherwise, the puppy may end up fearing it. It’s like a puppy room. Just like you, your puppy would love spending time in the crate, but not all day long. 

Besides, never leave the puppies under 6 months of age in the crate for more than 3 to 4 hours. The reason is their bowels can’t handle longer than that.

Habituating And Socializing Your Puppy Is Crucial

When the puppy is under 16 weeks of age, it can cope with new movements, sounds, or surfaces. Buy, with time; it will be a bit suspicious or fearful of the new experiences. So, you must habituate your puppy with different things while it is still young. 

Besides, meeting strangers that aren’t a part of their usual pack is a bit unnatural for the dogs. This is why dogs bark or jump at the visiting humans or dogs. So, you need some extra training for your puppy to become a well-behaved dog. You can look for a dog boarding or daycare facility for your puppy and give it a chance to socialize with the unfamiliar dogs or things. These facilities have professionals to supervise and train your puppy for what is right or wrong.

Daily Exercises And Proper Diet For Your Puppy

Probably, your puppy will be quite active on its own. Being a puppy parent, you must allow your puppy to get all its energy out productively. Regular walks to the park and playing fetch games can be entertaining for both of you. 

Be aware of what type of food you are feeding your puppy. Never give things like chocolates, nuts, baby food, or raisins; these foods may cause choking hazards. As puppies require a different form of nutrition, buy nutrient-rich food specifically made for dogs.

Puppy Needs More Care Than A Grown-Up Dog

Choose a vet that offers modern vaccination type, which requires only 2 shots. The second shot is given after 12 weeks. This vaccination ensures that your puppy is safe to socialize with other dogs in public for 11 weeks. It’s your responsibility to get your puppy vaccinated in the time allotted and take care of its hygiene. 

To Sum Up

No doubt, a puppy is a little bundle of joy. As a pet parent, you must understand that this bundle of joy needs as much care as a human baby does. Invest as much time, energy, and patience as you would if you have your own baby.




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