How to Create a Spark in your Graphic Designs?

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You must have heard that pictures speak more than words. Do you agree with this? If you are a designer, you will surely do. A well-thought and beautifully designed image, help in delivering your ideas to your viewers. When you design for brochures, advertisements, or magazines, etc. your designs help in creating a connection with your audience. Are you looking for different ways to create impressive designs? This article will guide you to the different ways that make your work visually appealing.


Does your design look nice, but still you feel like something is wrong with it? The possibility can be that the issues are with the alignment. It is the fundamental factor of design as it arranges all the elements that you use to create a beautiful picture. To ensure that your image looks professional and uncluttered, then look at the border-spacing.   

The image should look balanced; it should not be too much filled up at the top and lots of space at the bottom. You can also use the grid to balance your design for creating a balance in the layout.


While creating a design, you need to remember that contrast attracts attention. When your designs are available for the audience after going through custom printing services, ensure viewer’s eyes get attracted to important information. 

All depends on the design; whether lots of colors enhance the layout, or do it make the image look messy. For increasing the contrast, you can add dark and light tones of the color. Pair up the colors that give an eye soothing look. 

A good contrast not only gives your design a professional look, but it also makes it more effective for communicating your message. 

Consistency in Usage of Fonts

Be it the usage of colors or fonts, consistency is vital. As you are available with different fonts, you might want to mix different font. There is nothing bad in experimenting with your designs, to keep it in top shape great care should be taken of consistency. 

You can select a different font for your logo, and apart from that, it would be wise to add two more fonts.  Choose one for the main heading and another for the text of the body. 

Be careful while combining the fonts, for example, a bold or blocky font won’t make a right combination with a thin font. You need to look for the balance to make it look good all together.

Image Quality

The quality of the image can’t be compromised at any cost. If this happens, all your efforts, which you have utilized in creating a beautiful design, are worthless. A blurry or an image with low resolution is not capable of attracting the viewers. 

Sometimes warping images while resizing them can also let you lose the quality of the image. So be careful while doing this, you can’t afford to hamper the quality of the picture in any condition. 

If you are in doubt regarding the file size or quality, you can use some tools to ensure that the designed images do not have a compromising quality. 


Do you think that only the content, fonts, or colors are essential, and not the space in your design? This area is equally important as other elements. It highlights the important information in your created designs. 

Empty space is referred as the negative space. But this is the area that helps in emphasizing more on the main subject of the picture. It acts as a breathing room for the viewer’s eyes to rest at some point and also prevents the image from looking over occupied. This makes the composition more engaging. 

There is no hard and fast rule to create a stunning design. The more artistically your eyes can view the picture, the more appealing it will become. Keep on with modifications till you get the desired result.




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