Cross-Channel Messaging: 3 Key Ways To Gain More Customers!

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With 3.3 billion Smartphone users constantly checking their social media apps, E-mails, and interacting online, marketing efforts by businesses is on the peak. Now the most challenging part for businesses is to cut through the noise to reach the audience at the right time!

This is where cross-channel messaging comes into play! It is an approach that allows brands to communicate with their customers with multiple touchpoints.

However, people often get confused between cross-channel marketing and multi-channel marketing; here’s what you need to know:

Multi-channel providers enable marketers to start campaigns in multiple channels where SMS and push notifications being the most popular. However, it typically means creating the campaign for a single channel using different UIs for each.

On the other hand, with cross-channel messaging, you are creating one campaign and the channels within that campaign. While you can deliver SMS and push notifications via a multi-channel messaging, many reasons indicate why you should keep up with the same campaign. UI can be the key benefit!

Here’s how cross-channel messaging can create better engagement and help you win more customers:

Aligns Your Business with Customer Insights

One of the most effective ways of using cross-channel marketing is when brands can create a connection between offline and online behavior. It can get even better when personalized. 

For instance, shopping apps allow users to get product details by scanning barcodes through app in-store. Using this data, brands can retarget customers on the basis of buying behavior and browsing, which helps increase conversions.

Tailoring Your Messages

Which marketing technique can be successful in terms of engagement in each channel? Is it poll on Twitter or sharing a meme on social media? Clickable banners on your website?

A messaging theme in business SMS solutions that targets engagement in all channels might become a successful campaign when well-designed and delivered at accurate times.

What works best is something that is not set but changing. Customers might get “marketing fatigue”, not from a brand overexposure, but a repeating form of messaging. You should try to come up with a unique design, text, messaging to stand out in the ocean of marketing.

By Understanding the Pull and Push Messages

Pull and push messages are a multi-channel approach that can help you to achieve the target.

Push messages via SMS, E-mail, or push notifications is an avenue which you cannot control, but still effective. Then comes, pull messages via a website or in-app messages like discount pop-ups and sale banners is an avenue which you can control.

Combining these two strategies can help you see a significant increase in engagement. According to recent research, E-mail mixed with in-app messages got 185% more engagement than sending the only E-mail and push notifications mixed with in-app messages got 224% more engagement than using it alone.  Take control of the channels that open to you through other platforms and then spin customers on the ones you own.

A Bonus Tip- Measure Your Data Points

Without measuring the feedback of your cross-channel messaging, you cannot gauge the level of customer engagement you are receiving.

Here are the data points you should measure:

Customer engagement points and channels of your campaign.

Return of investment when a channel is added.

The number of views per channel.

It is essential to see the holistic view of how every channel performs and how they together contribute to your goals. This way, you can make data-based and strategic decisions.


In order to make your marketing campaign successful across multiple channels, delivering a cohesive message at the right time can be a win-win. Informed planning and tactics, blended with a smart feedback loop help enhance customer engagement and eventually boost conversions!




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