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Downloading movies from random websites can be cumbersome tasks. But that should not stop you from finding your favorite movies online, right? We know a site that has a range of movies to match all kinds of moods. Desirulez let you scroll through the end number of movies, from comedy to action, drama, and horror.

What makes Desirulez different from other movie downloading sites?

Desirulez uses a unique algorithm to align, categorize, and sort movies. The website has dedicated software that personalizes search and highlight movies of user’s interest. It safely tracks the users/visitors (without infringing on their data) and suggests movies that may interest them.

Is it safe to use Desirulez for downloading movies?

Of course, it is safe to download and even stream movies from the Desirulez website. You can watch movies on your smart devices at any time by scrolling through the end number of movies listed on the website.

Can I get Hollywood movies?

The answer is obviously yes. Desirulez is about the movie preferences of the users. Whatever is your taste for movies, you can find your favorite movie there. Whether it is a Hollywood or Bollywood flick that you are craving to watch, you can find them with a simple search.

Desirulez is a relatively new movie website, so you may not find all the movies there. But, don’t be disheartened as the website is growing at a rapid speed. If you don’t find what you like today, you may get it tomorrow. Just let us know your preferences, and Desirulez will do its best to get what you would prefer to watch.

Do I have to pay for watching the movies?


You may come across many free movies, while there might also be some that are paid. The question is very subjective, indeed depending on your choice, you may get a movie for free or may be asked to pay for it. But that should not something to bother you. Good things take time and are not all ways free. So if you find something to watch that is free and has high quality, call yourself lucky.

Desirulez strives to get you the best of the best. The movies you will watch or plan to watch on the website will have good sound quality and resolution. Unlike low-grade websites where you have to wait end number of minutes for the movie to stream or download, Desirulez is quick and fast. Simply type in the movie name or genre of the movie a list of relevant movies will pop up to select and start watching.

Can I stream the movie, pause, and watch it later?

Of course, you can do that, given you don’t shut down the device and close the window. You can pause the movie for a trip to the washroom or snack break and watch it later. The pause feature lets you stop streaming the movie without completely closing it. You can resume the movie anytime you feel like, whether it is a few minutes break or an hour break. Your movie will play from where you left as you resume watching it. However, if you close the window, you will have to start all over again and find the scene from where you left it. We strongly suggest you not close the window or the device when pausing the movie to watch later.

Can I watch it with my friends?

Desirulez is all about enjoying a good time with friends, family, and loved ones. You can call your friends to your place for a nice time and watch the movie. Have the device connected with the TV for a great fun time.

Can I transfer my account?

We strongly suggest not transferring your account to anyone, even if they are your friends or siblings. Desirulez doesn’t take responsibility for any wrong purchases made, misuse of the account, and data infringement if the account holder shares his/her account credentials with a third party.

Why should I choose Desirulez?

Desirulez is a relatively new movie streaming website. When we say something is new, it could mean a lot of updated things. For instance, the website is developed with state-of-art technology. Once you start using the website, you will experience it is seamlessly easy to find movies. Each movie has been put under the right category, so you get your favorite flick within few seconds.

Does Desirulez store my personal information?

No, we don’t stalk you. We gather the information that is relevant for customizing our search. To serve you better, we may track your browsing history on the website. For instance, we may want to know what type of movies you searched in the past and recommend you some of them from the same category on your next visit. We don’t store any personal information or sell your information to a third party.

Desirulez: a complete entertainment website

The website strives to be an ultimate source of entertainment. We are trying our best to get you the best entertainment with a wide range of movie collections. We understand how critical it can be to be in the entertainment industry dominated by giants like Netflix. We are not saying we are better than them. We are doing all we can to be the ultimate entertainment solution for people of all ages.

Whether you are bored with your mundane lifestyle or want a break from your daily life schedules, Desirulez is here to be the solution. We want to have to entertain with movies of your selection. We are looking forward to serving you better. Once you start searching for your favorite movies here on Desirulez, let us know your experience through the feedback section or getting directly in touch with us.

Your favorite movie is now just a click away. Enjoy!




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