5 Smart Tips to Get More Donations For Your Non-Profit

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Donation is a fuel that gets your non-profit to its mission. No matter how noble your cause is, it is quite difficult to accomplish the non-profit fundraising campaign’s goals without donations. And, people are the basis of this campaign. Therefore, it is essential to make sincere efforts to encourage potential donors to be a part of it.

Here, we are going to tell you five smart tips to get more donations for your non-profit-

Explain, What Your Non-Profit Does

The most important thing people want to know about a non-profit before they make a donation is what type of work the organization does. Some charity websites don’t clearly communicate the information or make it too hard for potential donors to understand. 

However, the information needs not to be complicated or flooded with the most difficult words to gain attention. Use simple words to describe what your non-profit is all about and how it works. If you disseminate concise, clear, and easy-to-understand information, you’ll get an advantage over those who have vague objectives or goals. 

Create Impressive Content And Stories

People love good content and stories. Thus, creating engaging content, be it newsletters or a YouTube video, is a surefire way to gain more supporters for your cause. Be mindful that the content should be relatable!

If you want to make people give their hard-earned money, it is necessary to show them that it will make a difference. Let them know how the donation will impact your cause: whether it is feeding the poor, buying school supplies for a needy kid, and building a community center.

You can also show the journey of impact clients in an inspiring way. Inspired by the visuals, they will line up to make this transformation go further. After your fundraising campaign is over, and the donations have been put to use, show them what they accomplished.

Know How To Ask For Donations

When it comes to asking for donations, it is quite intimidating to insist people to part with their hard-earned money. They’ll ask, “Why?” If you don’t have a great answer, you may lose a valuable donor.

Remember, you don’t need to convince the donors. Just make them realize that they already care. When they believe that your cause truly matters, of course, they’ll give it. Below are some things to keep in mind while asking for donations-

Practice, Practice, and Practice!

The best way to get more funds, create lasting connections, and dominate the donor visits is to put every aspect of your ask into practice. When you are sitting in front of a prospect, you need to be well-rehearsed in every path the conversation could take. 

Plan how you’ll structure your meeting, how long you’ll talk, and how to transition the conversation smoothly into asking itself. 

Ask Them For Advice

Everyone wants to be heard. If you ask them for advice, they’ll freely tell you the things they are passionate about, or their fears about donating. The best thing is, they will feel valued. Thus, it is important to ask for their inputs or impressions. After all, they are the ones who have the potential to change the world!

Don’t Surprise Your Prospect

If the potential donor is surprised that you are asking for money, something is missing. Make it clear in the first contact that you want to talk to them about your cause and how they could get involved. Tell them there is a deep purpose for your visit, and you are interested in them as a person.

Use Social Proof About Your Fundraising Campaign

Social proof means ‘everyone is doing it.’ When people see that everyone is contributing to a noble cause, it makes them think that there is something good about this. Here, social proof comes to your advantage. 

You can publish about your campaign, followers, and donors on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Or, you can share testimonials of the volunteers who work with you. It will encourage more people to join.

Make The Donation Process Easy

The smoother the interface is, the easier it is for people to make donations to nonprofits. You don’t want the potential donors to get annoyed through the process. Therefore, it is essential to make giving convenient for them.

Look for software that seamlessly embeds to your non-profit website; it will increase the chances of getting the users to complete the donation process. Provide a call to action button or provide a clean link to make the process easier. 

You can also integrate the donation forms on your website. Also, provide them with different payment options, for example, via PayPal, Google Pay, Bank Transfers, cards, etc.


To conclude, the non-profit organizations could consider the tips mentioned above to boost their donations. Further, they shouldn’t underestimate the impact of their website. Mention clear details about what the non-profit does, and how the money is used. For inspired donors, streamline the donation process by providing an easy-to-find CTA.




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