Everything You Need To Know About VSMS

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SMS or short messaging service is the most effective way to interact with customers. Whether it is a two-way communication about purchasing a product, completing an application, or delivering notifications, SMS is a great way to convey your message. In this post, You’ll learn everything about VSMS

However, over the past years, SMS phishing and spoofing attempts are on the rise. As the senders are often random phone numbers, it’s not easy for the customers to verify if the message they received was sent by you. 

With VSMS (verified SMS), businesses have a tool to instill confidence in their customers. Just like the way brands verify their social media properties, they can now verify the messages, making them safe and trustworthy for the customers.

Here is everything you need to know about the VSMS-

What Are The Features Of VSMS?

Verified SMS is a feature of Google messages that adds branding and sender verification to business SMS messaging– making it reliable. Here are some of the features-

  • It combines a business name and logo to the messages that provide at-a-glance branding.
  • VSMS badge lets the customers know that they can trust your message.
  • Improved metrics let the businesses know which messages were verified successfully.

How Verified SMS Works?

Verified SMS lets you brand and verify the messages that you send to the users with minimal processing on your infrastructure. It works by verifying that the text or content is sent by a specific company or brand on a per-message basis. 

When the message gets verified, users can see the sender’s business name, brand’s logo, and a verification badge in a message thread. Google keeps all the communication and message content safe, confidential. So, there aren’t any chances of the data getting stolen by the hackers.

How Does VSMS Handle Data?

Businesses using a verified SMS create a string of text (or hash) using a combination of keys specific to that business and submit it to Google. As a user receives a message, Google performs its function to verify the hash for that message. The user will see the details like business logo, name, etc. only if the hash exists.

Besides, you need to know that a verified SMS is not supported on Apple iOS devices. There isn’t any word about whether Apple will support vSMS in the future or not. Further, it doesn’t work for MMS messages. It means, if you deliver videos or images, they will appear as unverified messages in the transcript of the messaging app.

How Does A Verified SMS Benefit Your Business?

Though almost every business invests in web & print branding, there aren’t many options available to extend the brand to customer communications. For a few decades now, businesses have relied on alphanumeric sender IDs, toll-free numbers, or shortcodes to create a brand connection. 

But, a verified SMS goes a step further than a personalized sender ID by adding a business description, logo, with every message.

Likewise, brands toil hard to protect their reputation, logos, colors, or emails. With a vSMS, each message sent by a company or brand gets verified with a shared secret that helps the end-users trust the sender. 

Verified messages are displayed with a logo, and an unverified message is displayed with a question mark. It enables users to make an educated decision about how to act.

It helps move the users through your form while creating a professional impression that you care for them. This way, it boosts the chances of form completion and conversion.

It improves the accuracy of the customer database and adds an extra layer of security to reduce the chances of fraud or spam attacks.




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