5 Ways To Fix Channel Fatigue Before It Affects Your Business

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Imagine for a moment you get inundated with endless influxes of messages from a multitude of brands, all trying to grab your attention. Obviously, you will get frustrated! Similarly, your marketing efforts via email, newsletters, PPC, or direct mail to reach the desired audience creates a headache for them. This is what we call ‘channel fatigue.’ 

Customers often unsubscribe, unfollow, and mark as spam, or scroll past the irrelevant messages. And, the first sign that your customers are facing channel fatigue is lower response rates, including low conversion rates and click rates. 

As the consequences can sabotage your business, it is important to mitigate channel fatigue. So, how can you do so? Let’s see.

Consider Multi-Channel Messaging

One of the best ways to reduce channel fatigue is to interact with your customers on their favorite channels. Consider business text messaging on multiple channels. Multi-channel messaging makes your business available at all the places your customers visit frequently.

Whether they love Facebook business pages, Twitter, Webchat, or business text messaging, be present on every platform they use. Let them talk about your business the way they talk to their friends and family members.

Get Personal

Personalization is a way to understand your customers better. But, if you don’t target the right audience, it’s useless! Businesses that put effort into understanding which channels your customers are best equipped with can manage channel fatigue better.

Optimize communication and define the message relevance based on the demographics, behavior, preferences, etc. You can opt to engage your customers by using rich messaging features such as emojis, videos, gifs, etc. 

Focus On The Quality Of Messages

Make your messages enticing and relevant to provide your audience with value. Understand that not every individual in your target audience can find value and relevance in mass messaging. Rather than sending one mass message across different channels, the best way to engage varied customers is to segment them into smaller groups. 

If your message is of high quality, its format becomes less important. However, make sure that the text you are sending is simple, readable, and easy to understand. Even if the messages seem to be irrelevant for certain customers, focus on gaining their attention. Keep it short and visually appealing. They will quickly understand what you want to convey.

Deliver Messages When Your Customers Are Most Receptive

As a marketer, you already know that there is a moment in the customer’s journey that can make or break the game. If you send the right message at that time, it may prove to be a great upsell opportunity. 

Identify the customers’ behavior using their product views, click events, and recently searched matter. This way, you will know what type of information they seek, and when they are most likely to need it. By providing the customers will optimal value, and showing that you care about solving their pain points, you make their life easier.

Separate The High-Value Customers

Segmenting the customers of different personas is necessary to deliver relevant, high-quality messages that resonate with their needs. Your high-value customers comprise of those who make buying decisions. Know where these customers are going in your application. This way, you will know your overall customer usage, and provide them with valuable information that will satisfy them.

By increasing customer engagement, knowing which channels are the best to communicate with them, you can reduce channel fatigue. It will improve the business-to-customer relationship, which correlates to the brand’s loyalty. Further, it boosts the opportunities to increase revenue. 




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