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Google Home is a hand free smart speaker with a virtual assistant and Wi-Fi capabilities. A Google Home speaker will also include a microphone for your voice commands. It integrates and interacts with Google Assistant to provide you with the best hand-free service.

How Does It Work

A Google Home speaker is active after you turn it on. The newer speakers have a physical button to turn off the microphone when you don’t plan on using it. With the mic on, you can wake up the assistant by saying, “OK Google” or “Hey Google.”

The speaker can respond to your questions, play music, answer a question, open a YouTube video, and connect to your smart home appliances like smart locks and AC system. For the speaker and assistant to be fully functional, you must have an internet connection.

Advantages of Google Home

Besides responding to some basic commands, here are some additional advantages of Google Home.

1. Voice Recognition

With multiple users in a home, you can set up Google Home to identify your family members. In return, they can interact with the assistant to get any help that they would like. Voice recognition allows you to set up the speaker so the voice assistant will not wake up unless a familiar voice interacts with it.

2. Video Casting

If you own a smart TV, it’ll be easy for your Google Nest to cast any video that you would like on the TV. Casting a video on your TV allows you to watch tutorials or stay entertained within your home

3. Answer Questions

Google Home is one of the best smart devices that can provide you with factual answers to questions. It leverages Google’s system to know the facts about things, places, and people. The speaker also can understand any follow up questions

4. Customizable Appearance

You can customize a Google Home speaker to match your decor. With different colors available, you can mix and match the options to find the one which will please you. These colors are white, gray, black, copper, purple, gold, and sky blue.

The new Google Nest Audio lineup also has unique colors like charcoal, chalk, sand, sky, and sage. These colors translate into black, white, pink, blue, and grey, respectively. They can match your furniture, wall colors, and so much more.

5. Smart Home Control

With your Google Home speakers, you can appropriate any smart devices within your home to turn up the heat, turn on the lights, or lock and unlock your home. The smart home control provides you with the convenience of using your speaker or phone.

6. Hands-Free Calls

You can use your Google Home speaker to make calls to your family and friends. The feature is also applicable when looking for instructions, for example, cooking instructions. The assistant can walk you through different procedures that you ask of it.

7. Sound Quality

Most of the Google Nest lineup devices are small, and they pack a punchy sound for their size. The speaker takes advantage of your room to produce the best quality sound. If you want better sound quality from the Google Home speakers, you should buy more and pair them.

Choosing a Google Home Speaker

Google’s current lineup has five speakers: the standard Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Nest Mini 2, and Google Nest Audio. Google Home is the standard version, but it has been replaced with the new Google Nest Audio.

The Google Mini’s update is the Google Nest Mini 2. The Google Home Max is the top end speaker that you can purchase. Google hasn’t yet produced a replacement for this speaker.




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