5 Stunning Hairstyle Ideas for Bridesmaid

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Are you going to be a bridesmaid? What else could be exciting about getting all dressed up with your bests in your friend’s wedding ceremony? 

It is the time when you want to nail the look, whether it’s your dress or your hairstyle. If you prefer working with a hair stylist, there are plenty of hairstyles that you can take inspiration from. Or, if you are doing by yourself, relax– there are so many DIY hairstyles available. 

When thinking about the overall look, the first thing clicks is to take inspiration from celebrities. However, if you consider the formality of the ceremony and the venue, you can definitely rock any hair look. For instance, a classic bun look may be better suited for a ballroom instead of a bohemian outdoor venue. 

So, to begin with some hair inspiration, have a look at five most beautiful bridesmaid hairstyles, suitable for all hair types.

Classic Messy Bun Hair-Do with a Side Braid

This is one of the most classic types of hairstyles of all ages. Regardless of what hair type you are, it looks incredibly beautiful and compliments your personality. And what’s the easiest part is you don’t have to be precise with this. 

Let’s say; you have not-so-manageable hair, all you have to do is side parting and take a chunk of your hair, make a braid, holding it back into the bun. Secure it with hair bands and bobby pins. And you are done! Here comes the best part: you can add little embellishments like flowers and hair accessories easily. 

Hair Weaves

If by any chance, you are not comfortable with your own hair and want some quick fix, what else could be better than virgin hair weaves? 

Whether you have straight hair or curly, it is one of the simplest ways that can quickly fix your unmanageable hair issues. Starting form loose wave, curly hair to straight hair, you can achieve any hairstyle within seconds. 

The best part is the hair weaves is 100% virgin Remy hair, giving you the most natural and flawless look. The hair weaves are completely safe as it does not contain any chemicals or adhesive. 

To Add Length 

If you have short hair, you can achieve the desired length in no-time. 

To Add Color

If your concern is whether or not it suits your hair color, don’t worry, it holds color very well. 

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairdo

It is again a stunning hairstyle probably came from some princess stories. Whatever your face shape is, it suits all. If in case, you have fine and greasy hair; this style can save you from having an unflattering hair look.  You can easily create this hairstyle by yourself, from chic, messy, elegant to detailed one as you like. 

Relaxed Curls

When nothing works, loose curls are something you can do anytime, which not only looks attractive but also gives your hair a beautiful volume. No worries, if you don’t have a curling iron, a straightener would do the job. 

What you have to do is twist your hair and run your straightener all over it, that’s it.  Another quick fix–make braids before you go to sleep, and the next morning, you will get the perfect curls. 

Loose Braid Hairstyle

A stunning loose braid with little details is another great idea to give your hair a fuller look. You can buy hair weaves if you have short hair to get the perfect braid. You can finish the complete look by bringing some hair chunks to the face. 




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