Heroin Addiction: All You Need To Know

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Heroin is one of the most commonly abused drugs nowadays. It is a killer drug known by names, smack, horse, cheese, and gum. As the addict tries his best to hide his/her addictive behavior, it’s quite tough for the concerned person to detect the situation. But, by knowing the symptoms and capturing the track marks, it is easy to address the drug’s high.

If you know what the signs of heroin addiction are, how the track marks look like, and where they appear, you can help the addicted to get out of the situation. So, let’s start discussing all this one by one-

Recognizing Heroin Addiction

Due to physical and psychological addictive qualities, Heroin quickly leads to addiction. More the symptoms of heroin abuse a person exhibits, the more severe the addiction is. Here are some of the signs that help to recognize if a person is a Heroin addict-

  • A strong desire to use Heroin.
  • Persistent efforts to cut down heroin use.
  • Recurrent heroin use.
  • An initial euphoria.
  • Drowsiness for hours.
  • Heaviness in the limbs.
  • Cloud thinking.
  • Slowed heart rate.
  • Flushed skin.
  • Nausea and vomiting, etc.

If a person shows these symptoms, it entails he/she is habitual of taking Heroin. Though the addicts learn to give themselves injections, the unskilled injections leave signs or track marks. And, the person will try to hide these spots. Let’s now discuss what these track marks are.

Heroin Track Marks

If a drug is injected into the body through a needle, it leaves visible marks along the veins. These marks are called track marks and are often seen on the hands, arms, and legs of the drug addicts. A person who can’t resist his urge to take Heroin and feel high as soon as possible injects the drug directly into the veins. However, most of the time, the injections are made into the muscles. 

Common Sites For Heroin Injection

Here are the most common areas used to inject Heroin drug-

Arms And Hands

Veins located in the crook of the arms are the most commonly used sites for Heroin injection. As these veins are closer to the skin’s surface, they are easily accessible. Besides, the person taking drugs can easily hide his arms or injection marks with long-sleeved clothing. If an individual runs out of the areas in the arms, he/she moves on to the hands. Thus, it’s common to see track marks on hands as well.

Legs And Feet

Another common area for heroin injection is the veins located at the lower extremities. As veins in the legs are deep under the skin, most addicts inject into the veins at the tops of the feet.

Heroin track marks look like holes or wounds in the skin. If the drug was injected recently, the wound appears bright red or pink and covered with scar tissue. If the marks are a few days older, they appear white or light pink-headed. In some cases, veins become dark, and it appears like bruises. 

Ibogaine-The Path To Recovery

The physical and behavioral signs of heroin addiction motivate the concerned individuals to find an effective way to lead the addicted to a rehab program. 

The treatment involves a series of detoxes and medications. However, the detox treatment may not give surefire results. One effective heroin detox treatment is Ibogaine therapy. It is a wonderful substance that helps individuals to manage their drug cravings. 

Ibogaine works by reducing the physical dependence of a person on drugs. Both short-term, as well as long-term recovery, help address the post-acute withdrawal signs. Ibogaine hydrochloride treats drug addiction symptoms and helps the body to get back to its pre-addiction state. 

Besides, it also helps diagnose the bloodstream infections, flushes drugs out of the body, reduces the symptoms, prevents cravings or relapse, and intoxicates the effects. 

If you find anyone abusing Heroin, encourage him/her to get over the situation. You can take them to the local rehab center for treatment, such as Ibogaine, to overcome drug abuse.




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