7 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Customer Service

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A chatbot is a software that is capable of interacting with humans through a live chat interface. This brilliant technology has been all the buzz these days. According to the statistics, 80% of the brands are planning to implement AI-powered chatbots into their businesses by 2020. 

One of the most significant reasons why the business owners are adopting chatbots is that it supports customer service. Let’s go through some of the ways chatbots help to do so-

Chatbot Is A Seamless Way To Interact With Your Customers

Most of the chatbots can integrate seamlessly into the company’s website or apps. It saves the customers from the trouble of searching your company’s online resources to get their queries answered. Since this technology uses natural language processing methods, it can anelyze the customer’s question and delivers the response.

The bots can be used to make business text messaging conversations more convenient. Suppose an agent is busy with other conversations. But, with business messaging bots, the customers don’t have to wait. Besides answering the questions, the chatbots also collect all the necessary information (name, reservation number, etc.) and help the human agent to carry the conversation forward.

They Help To Automate The Tasks

No one likes to do the same tasks again and again over a short period of time. And, in the case of humans, the repetitive tasks are prone to errors. With chatbots, you can automate the tasks that are required to be done frequently. It helps you save time and boost productivity. 

You Can Personify Your Brand Using Chatbots

Chatbots can act as your customer’s primary resource for account management, technical support, and sales information. From technical and precise to friendly and humorous, they can be programmed with different conversation styles. So, you can personify your brand using the features available on the chatbot. In turn, it keeps the customers engaged with your brand. 

Your Customers Won’t Complain Of IVR

Many of the customers complain about the IVR or Interactive Voice Response systems. These systems ask the customers certain questions and route their calls based on voice responses. 

On the other hand, chatbots induce less frustration due to IVR. They lead the customers to an answer that is based on similar previous situations. Or, they take them to the human representatives for further conversation. And, the customers will feel like they are being understood.

They Improve Customer Satisfaction

Human beings react with others based on their mood or emotions. But, chatbots can be programmed to follow certain rules. So, you can command them to treat the customers in a politely no matter how roughly a person behaves. 

For example, all travelers don’t communicate in the same language. But, the travel and hospitality industries train the bots to communicate in the same language.

They Make Purchasing Process Smoother

Chatbots can pop up on any of the product pages and give additional knowledge to the viewers about the discounts, or special deals. It helps the customers to gather information, like the method they want to choose for buying an item or how they want it to be shipped. Assisting the customers in the purchasing process may decrease the shopping cart abandonment rates!

Chatbots Provide 24×7 Customer Service

The customers’ needs may arise outside the business hours. So, your business requires a way to serve the customers at times when the staff members aren’t available. Chatbots help you solve this problem. They are virtual robots that don’t get tired and obey your commands. It also satisfies the customers and helps your business rank high in your sector.

These are some of the ways chatbots can support your business to improve customer service. So, get started with using live bots and reap the benefits. 




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