6 Reasons You Should Use SMS Marketing In Your Business

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Every marketer today is thinking up for creative ways to get the SMS or text message out to existing and prospective customers. With the number of increasing smartphone users, they are looking for new ways to make their business mobile-friendly. 

Well, SMS has been around used for more than 20 years by businesses to communicate with their customers and ensure that their business keeps up with the marketing trends. If you haven’t considered the benefits of SMS marketing for your business, here are the six reasons why it should be a part of your marketing strategy-

SMS Or Text Messages Have High Open Rate

Text or SMS marketing provides greater immediacy than the other digital marketing channels, such as Facebook or push notifications. A higher open rate makes text marketing campaigns more effective. While emails go unread for days, the SMS open rate is triple that of the email open rate. Besides, businesses don’t have to think about crafting subject lines to encourage the recipients to open and read out a text message. 

Though SMS outperforms other marketing channels, it’s more effective when used in conjunction with push notification, voice mail, or other channels, as a part of the mobile marketing strategy.

You Get Quick Feedback From The Customers

Customer feedback is an important piece of information for businesses. It helps the companies to improve their products and services. It also helps marketers to learn more about the latest marketing trends and get to know what the customers want. Most of the users respond to the survey or message via smartphone. The marketers can initiate surveys for the business through SMS and receive results within a few minutes. 

It Helps Gain More Conversions

Business SMS messaging offers a high conversion rate. The mobile users respond to SMS messages more than the other marketing channels. The reason why conversion rates are high in SMS is the simplicity of the message. These messages are short, don’t so many links, and aren’t bogged down with a lot of images or audios. The call-to-action is clear so that the users can find it easily.

There Are No Spam Filters To Struggle With

By employing SMS messaging in your marketing strategy, you don’t have to worry about promotional text messages ending up as spam. Unlike the emails, the marketers don’t have to deal with the spam filters. If a user chooses to receive your SMS marketing messages, you don’t have to remind them again and again to white list the shortcode so that your messages don’t land in a spam folder. 

Moreover, the best thing about using SMS marketing is that people who don’t own a smartphone can also send or receive text messages. Thus, it is one of the most accessible tools you can use to deliver promotional messages. 

SMS Messages Are Trackable

Many of the SMS service providers offer simple delivery to track if your messages have been sent successfully. If you want more intelligent tracking, the top services not only tell you when the messages are sent, but also provide you with details on what, who, and when the links have been clicked. It helps ensure that you get the most from your marketing campaigns.

SMS Messages Are Highly Targeted

A customer’s permission-based relationship with your brand is a useful marketing tool. Not to mention, most of the consumers are receptive to interacting with the businesses via SMS or text. This receptive audience can later be turned to your trusted customers. However, make sure not to overdo it. No one wants their phone swamped with a large number of texts. More than 2 to 4 texts a month can annoy your customers. You can consider mass text- targeting a bigger audience with a special offer they can’t resist.




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